Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Day 1

Pups are struggling a bit with weight gain, but everyone looks OK.  I will be providing lots of private and assisted (help express the milk) nursing today.  Juliette looks great.  She is being nicely attentive but not fanatical.  She is relaxed enough to spend extra time outdoors and is OK around the other dogs when not with the pups (the other dogs are not allowed in the puppy room).  Juliette was cute this morning when she was coming back in from outside - as she went by the baby monitor in the hallway she heard the puppies crying, paused, cocked her head, and then hustled back into the puppy room.  My guest bedroom is proving to be a cozy puppy room, temp in the puppy pool area is around 77 degrees. 

Tub full of 24-hour old puppies

All lined up in the tub

Interesting arrangement - all 5 yellow pups.  Some of the pups are very light. 

Yellow Girl snuggling with Juliette.  She is one of the smaller pups. 

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