Thursday, January 9, 2014


Lots of changes going on.  I love this 2-4 week age when the pups transition from blobs into beings, or as Nancy says, they turn into little dogs.  The pup are starting to hear.  When they first start to hear, the first indicator is often some different vocalization, i.e., "test barking".  I heard my first bark Wed morning, and Nancy saw some of the pups orientate to her voice midday.  The pups are making nice progress learning to walk and have no problem traversing the length of the puppy pen.  If you sit down in the pen, the pups crawl into your lap and enjoy human attention.  With some guidance, we are getting some nice litterbox action.  I even saw Jaeger take himself down to the litterbox all by himself.  The pups are starting to interact with each other and the toys I have added to the pen.  On Tuesday, I offered the pups their first bite of canned food.  Everyone except big boy Journey approved, most with gusto.  Journey's response was typical response for a well fed big pup - less adventurous trying new food items. 

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