Thursday, January 16, 2014


Lots of changes for the pupsters.  A couple of days ago, I bumped out the puppy pen so that I could add the big litter box.  Since then, the litter box has been well used.  The pups have transitioned from canned food to soaked kibble.  Currently doing a combination of hand feeding and bowl feeding, teaching the pups how to eat from a bowl.  I have added a water bowl to the puppy pen, and I have seen a few pups dunk their face into the water or take a tentative lap.  Mostly they just walk through it.  Riley has resigned from her nanny duties and returned home.  Having her help out with the feeding of these pups was a huge help, especially with the wide weight range.  So easy to just give the smaller pups to Riley to feed.  Juliette is still being attentive, although spending most of her time out of the pen.  She is reluctantly starting to let the other dogs around her pups, although interestingly, she was very accepting of Riley going into the puppy pen.  The pups are nursing standing up and now have teeth to help them hold on - poor Juli!  The pups thoroughly enjoy human attention and are starting to respond to the Puppy, Puppy, Puppy call to come.  We have started "invasive petting", body handling and cradling on their backs.  Doing lots of talking and different voice tones and today added popping bubble wrap to the sounds they are hearing.  I need to remember to leave the radio on when I leave for work.  The pups are also starting to get some out-of-the-puppy-pen experiences such as walking on the laminate floor in the bedroom where the puppy pen is.  Yesterday, Jambo weighed in at 5 lbs and this morning, Jules and Journey joined the 5 pounder club. 

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